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Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival

Talks and Presentations

April 25th

All Talks and Presentations in the Weaver Room, 

2nd Floor of the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture

  • 10:00 am "5 Easy Ways to Save our Bees"  Find out why everyone raves about Steve Thorson’s bee talks!  Steve (owner of Montana Honey Bee) shares his love of bees and gives simple ways that you can help them.

  • 11:00 am“Get Started on Zero Waste Living”  Learn strategies for reducing your household waste. Save money and improve your health, all while greening the planet from local Bozeman resident, Julie Fathy

  • 12:00 pm"City of Bozeman's Climate Plan"  Learn what community members have come up with by working with the City of Bozeman for a plan to help with the climate challenges that threaten our "Last Great Place".

  • 1:00 pm"Our Progress with Saving Endangered Species"  Learn about what Turner Foundation is doing to save our endangered species from Mike Phillips.​

  • 2:00 pm Food-Climate Connections in Gallatin Valley  Learn from panelists about our local food system, the often overlooked links between food and climate, and what all of us can do - here and now - to make a difference:

    • Farming in Gallating Valley: perspective of a young farmer - Dylan Fishman

    • What's gardening got to do with it? - Karen Erbe 

    • Equity: increasing access to local, fresh, and sustainable food - Amanda Gareth 

    • Moderator - Kate Burnaby Wright 

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