50th Anniversary Celebration

Gallatin Valley Earth Day 

Climate Action for the Last Best Place

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"Good Seeds in Healthy Soil

for a Healthier Us:

How Regenerative Organic Agriculture Can Heal our Farms, Our Planet and Our People"
Free talk by Bob Quinn, Montana organic farmer and author of "Grain by Grain"

Watch a recording of this talk here

Photo: Barbel Morton

Who we Are

In 2019, a group of community members volunteered to plan an Earth Day festival, “Community Solutions for a Healthy Planet”. 500 people attended the festival at the Bozeman Public Library, enjoying talks, exhibits, and food as well as music, dance, art, and theater!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are planning a larger event. Gallatin Valley will join the Earth Day festivities around the world that will educate and mobilize more than one billion people.

Our Fiscal Sponsor: 

Great Gallatin United Way (GGUW) serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Earth Day Festival 2020 Committee.  All donations made to GGUW on behalf of the Earth Day Festival will be designated solely for Earth Day Festival events and programs.

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers

Arts for the Earth

Music, Dance, Poetry and Short Films

with special guests Claire Vlases and Conrad Anker

Silent auction run by students to raise money to put solar panels on the Bozeman high schools

Cancelled for 2020

See our Youtube channel and our calendar for recordings of past online events


Earth Day Festival

Children's Activities

Informative Talks

Information Booths

Delicious Food

Cancelled for 2020

Bozeman High School Solar Schools Club

Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival is proud to support the Bozeman High School's "Solar Schools Club". 

The Solar Schools Club's students are raising funds to place solar panels on Bozeman's two high schools.  This would

  • save taxpayer money on electricity bills

  • create jobs for solar installers

  • benefit students’ education

  • benefit Montana’s environment

All fundraising proceeds from Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival will be donated to the club. More Information


Calendar of Events

Recent Past Events 

Tuesday, November 10th


How (and why!) to Put Local Foods at the Center of Your Thanksgiving

Gallatin Valley Earth Day launches a new series of events, "Gallatin Valley 2040". "How (and why!) to Put Local Foods at the Center of Your Thanksgiving" is the first of these monthly events that aim to help us all imagine, explore, and work towards a brighter, healthier, vibrant 2040.

  • EXPLORE our tradition of celebrating the fall harvest and giving thanks.

  • DISCUSS ways to source foods locally and regionally

  • LEARN how to cook delicious dishes with recipes using local foods and products.

  • PURSUE additional resources showing the different ways people celebrate this American tradition.

Panel Discussion with:

  • Kate Burnaby Wright, Local and Open

  • Lindsay Ganong, AERO

  • Dr. Shane Doyle, Hopa Mountain board member

After the discussion, learn how to make delicious dishes using local ingredients!
Kay Ann Miller, Executive Sous Chef at MSU will demonstrate how to make special dishes using local ingredients for your Thanksgiving/Harvest celebration.

  • Recipe #1: local, native caught trout

  • Recipe #2: Stuffed pumpkins with wild rice and huckleberries

Missed the event?  Watch it here or on our Youtube channel

Co-sponsored by Gallatin Valley Earth Day.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021


Healthy Seeds in Healthy Soil for a Healther Us: How Regenerative Organic Agriculture Can Heal our Farms, Our Planet and Our People

This is the second in our series of events, "Gallatin Valley 2040". Bob Quinn  - author of the acclaimed book "Grain by Grain: A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs and Healthy Food" (with Liz Carlisle) - is an organic farmer near Big Sandy, Montana and a leading green businessman - founder of Kamut Intl. and Montana's first wind farm. In this program, Bob explains how regenerative, organic agriculture can heal our farms, our planet and our people. His storytelling will draw you in as he tells how he switched to organic farming, and how he rediscovered ancient wheat varieties that are better for the environment, better for our health, and more profitable for farmers. After Bob's talk, State Senator Pat Flowers talks about the proposed State Soil Health Study bill in the state legislature; a bill which will study ways that Montana can encourage improvements in soil health.

Missed the event?  Watch it on our Youtube channel

Co-sponsored by Gallatin Valley Earth Day.



To help support

Gallatin Valley Earth Day events contact gallatinvalleyearthday@gmail.com



The Gallatin Valley Earth Day Festival is thrilled to partner with many organizations in the Gallatin Valley:


  • Bozeman Doc Series

  • Bozeman International Film Festival

  • Bozeman Public Schools

  • Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market

  • Bozeman Beautification Advisory Board (Clean Up Day)

  • City of Bozeman Sustainability Office

  • KERBSpace

  • Logan Landfill

  • Montana Interfaith Power and Light

  • Montana Science Center

  • Mountain Time Arts

  • MSU Extension Community Development

  • Sacajawea Audubon Society

  • Valley of the Flowers Project


Gallatin Valley Earth Day, April 18 - 25, 2020

Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, Bozeman, MT

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